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This morning Doug Ford Announced a State of Emergency for Ontario. As a private recreational facility we have been mandated to shutdown until March 31st. Pro Level Training has officially closed until March 31st. Sorry, but I thought that we could continue to operate in small groups, but I will have to comply with the government orders.

We will keep you updated as this situation develops.

Thank you and be safe.


We are dedicated coaches in Georgetown, Ontario with a passion to help athletes improve overall athletic ability, movement patterns, mental training, and sport performance. We are here to cultivate your love for competition and the sport of hockey

“Over the past few seasons, PLT has been extremely committed to helping me develop my physical frame. This has helped me become a better player on the ice. Their advanced knowledge of how the body works has provided me with the opportunity to learn and get better everyday. Rob and his staff have also been dedicated to helping me improve my skill set on the ice. I owe a lot to Pro Level Training.”
– Jack Jacome, 2016-17 Canadian JR Hockey League Player of the Year

PLT Accelerated Development Model

The PLT AD Model is based on our coaching philosophy which starts with Purposeful Coaching. Be aware of the “WHY” in everything we do. Each session, drill, discussion, and communication has a purpose. PLT coaches resist the temptation for “smoke and mirror” tactics and instead bring awareness to the importance and impact of coaching the fundamentals through corrective repetition, continuous feedback, and passion!

“Purposeful Practice Makes Permanent”



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