Each workout will be run by a qualified PLT coach. Athletes will be monitored and instructed throughout each workout with focus on proper movement patterns, strong work ethic and proper technique.

Each workout will include:
EXPLOSIVE POWER – Olympic lifting, body weight, plyometrics.
SPEED – starting speed, acceleration, deceleration, sprinting mechanics through linear and lateral movement instruction.
STRENGTH – Full body strength through proper technique including Core, Upper and Lower Body.
FLEXIBILITY – Static, dynamic, active isolated, foam rolling, activation
CONDITIONING – Proper energy system development, sprinting, shuttles, sport specific
MOVEMENT PATTERN DEVELOPMENT – Body awareness, correct imbalances, efficient energy use
MOBILITY – joint health, ROM (Range of Movement).
DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING – Mental focus, clarity, recovery, relieve muscle tension, activate parasympathetic nervous system.
RECOVERY STRATEGIES – Stretching, breathing, rolling, cool down.
NUTRITION EDUCATION – Eating for sport, practices, games, recovery, foundational health.