Train 1 on 1 with a PLT Coach for greater accountability and success.

Each Workout Includes:
• Diaphragmatic breathing: Promote proper function of the diaphragm to help decrease stress and increase blood circulation
• Soft tissue work: This provides each player the ability to manage his tissue quality during the season. • Managing soft tissue will allow players to increase flexibility and support proper joint movement
• Joint mobility: Increase mobility in joints that have limited movement to decrease the risk of injury while increasing fluid circulation to promote healthy joints
• Activation: Increase the recruitment of muscle fibers to utilize as many muscles as possible
• Dynamic flexibility: Large movement patterns to get the body working as a unit
• Speed/Power work: Keeping players explosive during their starts
• Resistance training: Increases strength, which translates to explosive players
• Conditioning: Developing the proper energy systems that are used on the ice
• Cool down: Restore the body after training